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DEAR LIVER (Digital Download)

Released July 28, 2015
Dear Liver
1 A Good Day to Party Hard
2 Time Traveling
3 Let's Fucking Party
4 Dying To Fuck (The Fuck Off and Dies)
5 Abso-Fucking-Lutely
6 But Fuck It
7 Drink Your Whiskey
8 Dear Liver
9 MotherFucker
10 Because You're Gone
11 Totally Fucked
12 Get Fucked
13 Drink Drank Drunk

Written by Dan Marsala & The Fuck Off and Dies
Recorded by Dan Marsala at Hellhole Studios
Mastered by Gabe Usery at Encapsulated Studios
"Drink your Whiskey" Feat. Pat Schlag
"Dear Liver" Feat. Josh Wills
Encapsulated Records


  1. A Good Day To Party Hard
  2. Time Traveling
  3. Let's Fucking Party
  4. Dying To Fuck (The Fuck Off And Dies)
  5. Absofuckinglutely
  6. But Fuck It
  7. Drink Your Whiskey
  8. Dear Liver
  9. Motherfucker
  10. Because You're Gone
  11. Get Fucked
  12. Totally Fucked
  13. Drink Drank Drunk