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Songs In The Key Of FUCK

Our debut full length record!

Track listing:

1. We're Fucking Awesome!
2. Let's Get Fucked Up
3. FUC401K
4. Fuckin' A
5. iF yoU Cee Kay
6. WTF? (There's No Beer Left)
7. Putting the FU Back in Fun
8. I Fucking Love Her
9. F.U.C.K. We're Going on a Holiday
10. Shut the Fuck Up
11. Sk8 or Fucking Die
12. Fuck Off and Die Hard
13. It's Fucking Sauget
14. Last Fucking Call
15. Death To All (Who Don't Fuck Off)
17. Favorite Fucking Band

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Dan Marsala @ Hellhole Studios (aka-Dan's Basement). All songs written by Dan Marsala and The Fuck Off And Dies.